Interesting locations


Outdoor hikes...and to visit on a rainy day

You will find below the most beautiful walks and excursions near Champagnole, sorted by distance, with their GPS coordinates. You probably won’t be able to visit everything in one stay, so it will be an excellent reason for you to come back and see us!

Pertes de l'Ain (10 km)


GPS: N46.7244002, E5.9588462

Waterfall of la Billaude (10 km)


GPS: N46.6812242, E5.9372772

Sources of the Ain (15 km)


GPS: N46.7496343, E6.0232567

Belvedere of Fontenu (16 km)


GPS: N46.669834, E5.8136599

Nozeroy (medieval town, 16 km)


GPS: N46.775187, E6.038639

Chalain lake (19 km)


GPS: N46.6719112, E5.7871095

Bonlieu lake and La Ronde belvedere (23 km)


GPS: N46.5858559, E5.8729659

Waterfall of Les Tufs- Les Planches Pré Arbois (23 km)


GPS: N46.871668, E5.805164

Poligny (Capital of the County - 23 km)


GPS: N46.836429, E5.7091

Foncine le Haut (starting point of numerous hikes - 23 km)


GPS: N46.658353, E6.0731659

Car park of Pic de l’Aigle (24 km)


GPS: N46.610303, E5.9045757

Salins-les-Bains, thermal town (24 km)


GPS: N46.939685, E5.875801

Arbois, capital of the Jura wines (24 km)


GPS: N46.902851, E5.772342

Car park of the ''4 lacs'' belvedere (26 km)


GPS: N46.6252828, E5.9149056

Château-Chalon, the ''Vin Jaune'' capital (26 km)


Coordonnées GPS: N46.7549, E5.6263379

Hérisson waterfall (paying - 27 km)


GPS: N46.6154017, E5.8663228

Baume les Messieurs - one of France's most beautiful villages, Les Tufs waterfall and Les Roches belvedere (28 km)


GPS: N46.70982, E5.646007

Morbier ski station, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing (30 km)


GPS: N46.5623058, E6.0242974

Abbaye lake (30 km)


GPS: N46.5348102, E5.9207152

Mont Poupet (32 km)


GPS: N46.9639653, E5.8852508

Clairvaux les Lacs, the lakes capital (35 km)


GPS: N46.576233, E5.751053

Lons-le-Saunier, Prefecture of the Jura (36 km)


GPS: N46.671361, E5.550796

Belvedere of La Scie (37 km)


GPS: N46.5491291, E5.7608532

Prénovel ski station - cross-country skiing and snowshoeing (37 km)


 GPS: N46.51202, E5.840052

Les Rousses ski station - Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing (50 km)


GPS: N46.4476089, E6.0780143

Dole (60 km)


GPS: N47.09534, E5.49081

For these days, which we hope will be few, when the weather is less clement. Some unique places which all deserve a visit, either because they’re representative of the region or simply interesting.

Villa Palladienne
(Syam – 7 km)

County house
(Poligny – 23 km)

La Saline museum
(Salins-les-Bains – 24 km)

House of the Vine and Wine
(Arbois – 24 km)

A historic School
(Château-Chalon – 26 km)

Historic Vehicles museum
(Perrigny – 33 km)

Museum of “La vache qui rit”
(Lons le Saunier – 35 km

Museum of People-Feeding Machines
(Clairvaux-les-Lacs – 35 km)

Museum of Woodwork
(Bois d’Amont – 50 km)

Museum of Toys
(Moirans en Montagne – 52 km)

Museum of the Pipe and Diamond
(Saint-Claude – 53 km)

The world of Automatons
(Saint-Claude – 53 km)

The house of Pasteur
(Arbois – 24 km, and Dole – 60 km)